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M87 DIY Microphone Kit
Gabriel Hocum

Really happy with our stereo pair of the m87 mics. Can't personally compare it to the original vintage U87 as I've never used one but this build was easy enough for us to do with a few months of experience building guitar pedals. Happy with the sound and the materials are very solid and well made. Also like the box. Would definitely buy another kit or two from Mic and Mod

M47 DIY Microphone Kit
Takayuki Takada


M9 DIY Microphone Kit
Hermann Heinrich
First class replica

Sehr sorgfältig zusammengestellten Bausatz mit hochqualitativen Komponenten und sehr feinen Klang! Mit besten Grüßen H.H.

Easy build, amazing sound.

While I solder my own cables, never have built a DIY kit until this one. Good documentation made it easy. Worked first time I powered it up. Will probably get another model soon. The sound made my clients take notice!

M87 DIY Microphone Kit
Enguidanos Cristian


Brilliant authentic 47`s sound

The main criteria of a mic is the sound,and that fitts brilliant. A wide unexcited tubesound,without any overemphasis in the frequenzyspectra,nearly like an original U47 sound. The Price-performance ratio is excellent. I have two M47 those matched very good together (mostly as Drum overheads) ,there is no difference in sound to hear between these two mics.

M12 DIY Microphone Kit
Patrik Paulsson

Building was troublefree, instructions were excellent. A bit nervous I connected the microphone, and it worked flawlessly. I have no experience with valvemikes from AKG but with Neumann, and this one sounds very alike, but a bit smoother in the upper frequencies. A very nice sound indeed, almost no colouring at all. Impressive, and very satisfying.
Could easily rekommend this kit to anyone that knows how to handle a soldering iron!

M9 DIY Microphone Kit
Randal Gardner
What a Great Mic

In the 80s I worked with a country music artist who owned his own studio on music row. He had a large collection of Neumann microphones. Six U67s, U47, U48, pair of M50s and a pair of M49s. I’ve always liked the way the M49 sounded. It seems like it’s the “hidden Gem” of microphones. You don’t see very many in use, but they are so versatile. I guess that is the reason that drew me to it.
I have built four of the M9 kits already, and just ordered two more.
I’ve been very pleased with the way the M9 kit sounds. I actually was able to compare it to an original M49 at a local studio in Nashville. Everybody I played the comparison for agrees the M9 is in the same ballpark as the original M49.

One minor suggestion. I find that the capsule sits high in the basket compared to the original. If the side rails were shortened by 8mm +/- that would center the capsule more like the original.
Thank you for making a DIY kit that is not too difficult to build. The quality of the parts, especially the body, is superior!

M414 DIY Microphone Kit
It's a difficult kit to make, but it looks good.

It's a difficult kit to make, but it looks good.
The sound is like a 414 with a HI characteristic.
It's a very good response, so I'll try using it some more.
thank you.

Great quality kit, amazing sound !

This comment could be resumed in three words : Go for it !

Mic and mod' s M12 (version of the world known AKG C12) is a fantastic easy to assemble, budget friendly, great quality microphone.
Currently used in my personal projet studio, (mainly for recording guitar amps and vocals) the recordings are top end studio quality. Truly amazing.
Looking for the ultimate vintage touch of warmth and precision the chain I'm curently working with (to record a 1975 silver face twin reverb) is the M12 and into a UA 1176 into the converters and of you go !

I haven't yet used the microphone to record horns but will be doing shortly. Sounds heavenly.

Assembling or servicing any piece electronic equipment requires at least a little knowledge and some experience but it can quite easily be achieved by anyone who puts his mind to it. My advice : take time, get the proper equipment and train on any type of old gear if you feel like you need to.

Last thing I want to mention is that before buying the mic I sent a message to the mic and mod team, just get some info, and they were very friendly and answered my questions very efficiently and quickly.

Great job guys, keep it up !

Fat....or Phatter!?

Recording a bass drum yesterday using M47, first impressions are that it has high articulation at the top end and very solid punch on the bottom. Very happy with Mic and Mods so far and consider the quality up there with our original microphones.

Premium Vintage Hammered Tube Microphone Transformer PSU

M12 DIY Microphone Kit
Thomas Scherrer-Tangen
workes perfectly fine

to be honost i liked the black power supply design more, the printed text was easier to read, But I also accept the new gray style looks a bit more like the old vintage units was painted, I suggest you keep it this way : but make a little change to the powersupply text and graphics, more fat more large lines, and this way also slightly larger fonts, better to read, and try to center better arround the patern switch.

Very good job!

Thanks guys! Great deal, and it worked great!

M49, great Mic

We’ve used the M49 on a major session this week and can confirm it has a superb and open sound. We’re delighted and will be ordering another shortly.

M12 DIY Microphone Kit
Evgeny Klukin


Very great value!

Very well built capsule with resistant materials, I took all 3 models and I'm very satisfied with the sound, it's a very far thing from the cheap capsules that have dips on some frequencies. I recommend 100%.

M84 DIY Microphone Kit
Alexander Hermann
Hervorragender Sound!

Ich habe Mic&Mod über eine Facebook-Werbung gefunden, weil ich schon lange nach einem KM84-Klon zum Bauen gesucht habe. Dieser hier ist perfekt, er klingt genauso gut wie ein Paar Original-KM184, die mir ein Freund geliehen hat.

I replaced my 2 NT5s!

We're really not in the same league as my old Rode NT5s with these KM84 clones. The sound is precise and fits perfectly into the mix. No need for equalization. I use it on upright piano and acoustic guitar takes with incredible results. I discovered mic&mod recently, and I think I'll be taking a lot more of their micro in the future, perfect!


Les micros sont toujours aussi bons avec un son dingos ! Bravo à vous et merci.

Love the box

This one fits many types of mics, and I am very happy about its look and feel,
much recommended to any one who own mics they like to take extra care of.

Another great kit to build a masterpiece

Thanks to the option to order the kit without a capsule I was able to customize it with an M7 capsule. Compared to the other kits this one is a little bit brighter than the tube-U47 (M7) and sounds a little bit more natural and balanced with my voice. The quality of the components is as excellent as in the other kits. Just follow the steps in the guide carefully and you will get a gem! Professional soldering equipment is mandatory, gloves very recommended especially for the high impedance section.

Great and best price when you buy a kit!

The box is elegant, spacious, my U47 is well protected when I'm not using it, and there's a discount on it when you buy a microphone body or kit on the site! Very great 👍🏻

Mic&Mod Vintage Microphone logo badge kit
Very good finition for my mic!

The logo is of very good quality, the paintwork is well finished and gives the microphone a professional look, I love it!

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